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How do I Become a Piano Mover?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

You have several different options to become a piano mover, and the path you take will likely depend on what avenues are available to you, your personal moving experience, and just how qualified you want to be for the job. There is little in the way of regulations or licenses required to call yourself a piano mover, so there is nothing to stop you from just saying that you are one. If you want to have the proper skills, equipment, and knowledge to really do the job well, however, you should consider looking for work with an established moving company that specializes in piano moving, and learn from them. You can then choose to stay with the company or start your own business and become a piano mover working for yourself.

Typically, a piano mover is someone who moves general equipment and boxes, like any other type of mover, but also has the particular knowledge and equipment needed to move a piano properly. For interior moves, sliders are placed beneath the legs of the piano for easier moving within a room. A piano is often covered in protective cloth or moving blankets for long-distance moves or loading into a truck. The piano may be lifted and set on its side onto a piano dolly or similar wheeled platform for moving into a truck or between buildings. To become a piano mover, you should know exactly how to execute each of these steps properly to ensure there is injury to neither yourself nor the piano.

A piano mover transfers pianos from one location to another.
A piano mover transfers pianos from one location to another.

Being hired on with an established moving company is typically the easiest and fastest way to become a piano mover. You may need to work for a few different companies before you find one that offers services like piano moving. Consider contacting local music schools or musicians and asking them who they use for moving pianos; this will give you a good idea of what companies are known for offering excellent piano moving service. While certain equipment and techniques make piano moving easier, you will still need to be in good physical condition with decent upper body strength to become a piano mover.

While not specifically required to become a piano mover, be sure that any company you work with or start for yourself includes coverage through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). The WSIB, formerly and still sometimes referred to as Workman’s Comp, provides insurance for injuries that occur while moving. If you do not have this type of coverage, then any injury sustained while working will have to be covered by the business or homeowner you are moving for. To avoid potential insurance hassles or financial difficulties, it is best to be certain you are insured; more clients will be likely to hire you if you are properly covered.

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    • A piano mover transfers pianos from one location to another.
      By: Andrew Hyde
      A piano mover transfers pianos from one location to another.