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How Do I Become a Mobile Disc Jockey?

K. Reynolds
K. Reynolds

A person looking to become a mobile disc jockey will need to have a love for music and the ability to operate DJ equipment proficiently. It is possible to get a start in the industry by visiting local disc jockey companies and seeking employment or by starting a mobile disc jockey entertainment company. An aspiring mobile disc jockey needs to have a broad knowledge of various music genres, and a desire to entertain a crowd. Although there are several training programs available, there is no specific training that is required in order to become a mobile disc jockey.

The duties of a mobile disk jockey include traveling to a variety of venues with the expectation of being able to play any genre of music required by the client. A fun and outgoing personality is also needed in order to become a mobile disc jockey, as the job demands that the DJ keep the crowd excited and engaged throughout the session. The skills needed to please a crowd and keep guests engaged in the music can either be self-taught or learned through watching and listening to other disc jockeys.

A DJ works at a radio station.
A DJ works at a radio station.

It is important to keep in mind that although being a disc jockey might appear to be all fun-and-games, it is serious work. An aspiring mobile disc jockey will need to work tirelessly at promoting his services in order to find clients and gigs. This is quite challenging in comparison to the typical disc jockey job where one has a regular show at a local radio station or nightclub. A marketing plan will also be needed in order to determine the best method for attracting clients, whether for weddings, parties, or any other event that requires mobile disc jockey services.

In order to become a mobile disc jockey, it is necessary to develop good contract terms to present to potential clients. New DJs will need to outline their services and payment policies in order to focus their attention on their specialties and ideal clients. Having structured pricing guidelines will also help to attract serious customers and quickly filter out unqualified leads.

Finally, in order to become a successful mobile disc jockey, time management skills are critical. Good mobile DJs always work with a business calendar in order to manage their schedules. Fridays and weekends are usually the busiest times on the schedule and many even find themselves booked months in advance. Aspiring mobile disc jockeys must learn how to maintain a business calendar and manage appointments.

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    • A DJ works at a radio station.
      By: dmitrimaruta
      A DJ works at a radio station.