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How Do I Become a Lift Mechanic?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

Lift mechanics must take care of machinery such as trucks and forklifts by repairing existing damage and performing preventative maintenance whenever possible. A high school diploma and at least one post-secondary course are typically the educational minimums when looking to become a lift mechanic. Certification courses are also generally needed and must be renewed every two years. Courses relating to mathematics, repair, and maintenance are necessities for aspiring lift mechanics. There are a multitude of employment opportunities for lift mechanics in business and industry.

A lift mechanic is in charge of repair and maintenance of heavy industrial vehicles such as forklifts. Those looking to become a lift mechanic should be prepared to work in areas where construction is taking place and other industrial settings. The educational requirements begin with a high school diploma. Employers will seldom hire a lift mechanic who does not possess this qualification. Courses that should be covered at a high school level include mathematics, auto repair, physics, and blueprint design if possible.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

In order to become a lift mechanic, high school graduates need to undertake one of the numerous post-secondary courses. These are usually courses relating to heavy vehicle repair and provides prospective mechanics with invaluable practical experience. The majority of certificate programs last for one year and cover topics such as engine repair and the basics of electronics. Students should also take a course that familiarizes them with health and safety regulations.

An additional step that can be taken when looking to become a lift mechanic is an associate’s degree program which can take two years. Courses covered in this program include hydraulics and maintenance. Some programs offer more advanced topics such as training in the use diagnostic equipment.

Certification is usually required in order to become a lift mechanic. This is easily acquired and may only take one or two day’s worth of classes at a community college or in a private company. These specialized courses cover the basics of maintenance, handling, and inspection. These certifications are generally valid for two years. After this time, depending on the regulations in the area, lift mechanics take a test and become recertified.

Mechanics who enter the workplace in entry-level positions are responsible for repairing and maintaining machinery so that it does not break down again. The business, transportation, and industrial sectors all offer employment to lift mechanics. Maintenance work such as checking for tire wear and inserting new filters are also part of the job.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill