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How Do I Become a Leadman?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The term "leadman" can refer to several types of jobs; the most common definition is a construction worker who does general construction work and does not fall into another specific category, such as framer or electrician. The leadman will therefore complete a wide variety of jobs within the construction realm, from framing to finishing, or even performing manual labor such as heavy lifting and moving. To become a leadman, you may need to complete a high school education, though this is not always necessary. You will usually be able to complete on the job training to become a leadman in any capacity.

Even if you do not finish high school, it will be necessary to develop basic math skills as well as basic communication skills in order to become a leadman. You will need to take measurements regularly and do mathematic calculations daily while on the job, and you will need to be able to communicate with other workers not only for efficiency, but also for safety. The best way to become a leadman is to apply for a laborer position at a construction company. These jobs are entry-level positions that may not pay especially well, but they will allow you to get your foot in the door and work your way up through the ranks.

"Leadman" usually refers to a construction worker.
"Leadman" usually refers to a construction worker.

Sometimes apprenticeship positions are available to help you become a leadman. Most often, these apprenticeships will teach you how to perform a specific job duty, though others may focus on general carpentry. To make yourself a more attractive candidate for an apprenticeship, you should take part in any shop classes offered by your high school or work with common woodworking or metalworking tools on your own at home to get a basic understanding of their functions. Do some research into the various jobs a leadman will perform so you will be better prepared for the job duties during the apprenticeship or training.

If any opportunities for training in a specific field are offered, apply for them and work hard to get them. Exhibit your willingness to work hard, and always show up to work on time and ready to work. Be reliable and trustworthy; your superiors will notice your good work ethic and reward you by giving you opportunities to get jobs that pay more and give you more responsibility overall. Most of all, be patient. Sometimes it can take years to get opportunities to move up in a company, so you will need to work hard long term.

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    • "Leadman" usually refers to a construction worker.
      By: Fotolia RAW
      "Leadman" usually refers to a construction worker.