How Do I Become a Hotel Hostess?

YaShekia King

Hotel hostesses are professionals who welcome guests to their establishments and make sure that they are pleased with the service that they receive. These individuals must have solid people skills and be willing to work long hours. A person who wishes to become a hotel hostess should pursue a year of college training as well as gain practical experience in a real-world environment, which makes her more attractive to employers. She also needs to undergo training in alcohol service to expand her employment opportunities in this field.

A hotel hostess is responsible for checking guests into their rooms.
A hotel hostess is responsible for checking guests into their rooms.

If you would like to become a hotel hostess, you should consider completing a certificate program in hospitality management, which typically requires one year of study. Although completing high school-level training typically is the requirement to claim a job role in this vocational area, taking college-level courses makes you even more competitive in the job market. Being admitted into this type of degree program involves filling out your chosen school’s enrollment application and turning in your high school transcript. You also must submit your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your current standardized exam results.

A hotel hostess may handle room assignments and special requests made by guests.
A hotel hostess may handle room assignments and special requests made by guests.

Hotel-focused courses give you the foundation that you need to thrive in this career area. Studying hospitality administration is important, as this covers how to handle guest complaints and how to ensure that customers are satisfied with your company’s service, particularly in a hotel restaurant situation. You also need to make sure that hotel areas are clean and presentable. Your courses additionally should teach you etiquette, verbal communication skills, and marketing, because a person who aims to become a hotel hostess must interact with guests professionally and effectively to promote her company’s benefits.

Acquiring field experience through an internship will improve your employment opportunities in this field. You should be able to observe an experienced hostess at the beginning of your on-the-job training opportunity and then complete various duties independently as you strive to become a hotel hostess. For instance, you must get used to building relationships with guests, maintaining confidential information, and following organization policies.

Some employers require that their workers be able to serve alcohol, which requires additional training. This is available through companies that offer courses on how to recognize alcohol-related problems in guests and how to prevent problems such as underage drinking or public intoxication. You simply have to pass an exam and stay current on this information when you become a hotel hostess.

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