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How Do I Become a Demonstrator?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

You can become a demonstrator by contracting with a company and agreeing to represent a brand or product. Companies often run employment ads seeking product demonstrators in local newspapers and on online classified ad sites. In most cases, very little experience is necessary, as each company trains demonstrators to market products according to their own presentation rules and guidelines. It is also possible to become a demonstrator by establishing a modeling or acting career that focuses specifically on demonstrating products.

Most product demonstration jobs do not require new applicants to have formal training, although a high school education is usually expected. Instead, potential demonstrators should have a clear speaking voice, a friendly disposition, be willing to learn and study all materials relating to a specific product, and agree to present products in a professional manner. Professional demonstrators must possess a high degree of self-confidence and be comfortable speaking in front of audiences of various sizes. In some instances, demonstrators may be required to approach individual shoppers, so an outgoing personality is essential if you intend to become a demonstrator. Demonstrators should also be physically fit and able to stand or sit for several hours at a time while working.

Many jobs are listed in local newspaper classifieds.
Many jobs are listed in local newspaper classifieds.

Food demonstrators may require basic cooking skills, particularly if a company’s food product must be prepared before a live audience. In order to become a demonstrator in any industry, however, you must be able to multi-task while performing before onlookers. For example, it is not unusual for a demonstrator to prepare a simple food recipe before a small group while simultaneously fielding questions about the product’s price, other uses and competitor products.

In order to become a demonstrator you must also have strong leadership and sales abilities. Beyond simply modeling a product and describing how it works, demonstrators are often relied upon to lead prospective customers toward a purchase. Demonstrators often work in environments, such as fairs and conventions, where competitor products are nearby, which makes possessing strong sales abilities even more crucial.

You may also become a demonstrator by becoming a model or an actor with a special focus on performing live demonstrations. Professional actors and models are often hired by large companies to represent products at trade shows, county and state fairs, and various other conventions. Often, these individuals are employed by agencies who are contacted directly with requests to contract models or actors with specific experience in product demonstration.

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    • Many jobs are listed in local newspaper classifieds.
      By: Feng Yu
      Many jobs are listed in local newspaper classifieds.