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How Do I Become a Commercial Manager?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo

To become a commercial manager, you need some experience in marketing and some business training. Educational requirements are not consistent throughout the industry, and various employers may require a certain amount of formal training or even a college degree. Experience with negotiating contracts, managing projects, and other common functions of business are also likely required. Those wanting to become a commercial manager may need a number of skills including a analytical reasoning, communication skills, and the ability to persuade others. Commercial managers work in a constantly changing environment of multinational companies and organizations wanting to bring more profits to their businesses.

Education requirements for commercial managers range from a high school diploma all the way up to a master's degree in business management. The training for this type of position is acquired through years of experience or through acquiring a degree in commercial management, economics, marketing, advertising, or business management. Make sure these basic job functions will be covered in the coursework. Although educational requirements for those wanting to become a commercial manager will likely be different for each employer, there are advantages to pursuing a college degree.

A commercial manager must be able to handle stressful situations.
A commercial manager must be able to handle stressful situations.

Those who wish to become a commercial manager must either develop or acquire through training an acute awareness of global and regional markets. Past work experience in marketing, market research, public relations, and advertising may be important for those desiring to be a commercial manager. It may be a demanding and sometimes stressful position requiring you to perform different tasks, including multinational contract negotiations, multi-project management, financial management, and oversight of global marketing efforts. Another business experience that would likely provide an advantage is the ability to translate specific market awareness into the actions and decisions necessary to help a company or organization make continual changes that will bring more profit and add value to existing and future operations.

The skills needed by those who want to become a commercial manager include developing and communicating a strategic vision of growing the products or services offered a company or organization. The position may also require the ability to energize sales and marketing to become more targeted and more closely aligned with customer needs and expectations. Those who want to be a commercial manager should be well-versed in the principles of commercial risk management. Commercial managers should also have the ability to execute high value added projects, products, and programs according to customer needs. Conducting extensive and detailed market research may also be a required skill for this position.

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"To become a commercial manager, you need some experience in marketing" sounds completely wrong. Why? Commercial Managers are across all different sectors and disciplines. Do you need marketing to run a commercial department that is for a utility provider? Or an FM provider?

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    • A commercial manager must be able to handle stressful situations.
      By: auremar
      A commercial manager must be able to handle stressful situations.