How Do I Become a Commercial Banking Associate?

K. Reynolds

A person who wants to become a commercial banking associate will need to have a formal education in business management, finance or accounting. In addition, an aspiring commercial banker will need to network continuously, because open positions are not widely advertised, and competition is fierce. If you are looking to become a commercial banking associate, you also should obtain any of a variety of financial certifications that can help you gain an advantage in the job market.

Aspiring commercial banking associates should cultivate excellent communication skills.
Aspiring commercial banking associates should cultivate excellent communication skills.

Commercial banking associates are responsible for a multitude of tasks revolving around commercial lending. Someone who wants to become a commercial banking associate will be required to have a great understanding of financial analysis, risk management and asset allocation. These skills generally are acquired through formal education, which is why most companies require commercial banking associate candidates to have bachelor's degrees, and many aspiring associates have graduate degrees in finance or business administration.

Internships are a great way to gain entry into the world of commercial banking. Aspiring bankers who are fortunate enough to obtain internships with commercial banks will often work with mentors to acquire the skills needed to become commercial banking associates. After completing these internships, many candidates are offered full-time positions with those firms. In the event that full-time positions are not extended, aspiring associates can still benefit from the real-world experience that was gained and use this experience to acquire positions with other companies.

For many individuals who are trying to change careers, internships might not be viable options. In this cases, networking with industry professionals could be the most effective way of obtaining commercial banking associate positions. The commercial banking industry has a variety of trade organizations that operate worldwide, and one of these can be a great starting point in attempting to connect with other industry professionals. Another option could be to start a blog revolving around commercial banking and utilize multiple social media websites to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in commercial banking.

There has been an increase in the demand for banking jobs, so anyone who wants to become a commercial banking associate should attempt to obtain multiple financial certifications. These certifications help a candidate show his or her financial knowledge and can assist in obtaining a commercial banking position. Many certifications are recognized worldwide and give prospective candidates increased credibility in the marketplace.

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