How do I Become a Chakra Healer?

Anna B. Smith

To become a chakra healer, students can take classes online or at healing centers that teach them to become attuned to their own chakra energy centers and how to channel that energy. Each energy center corresponds to a different system in the body. Students are encouraged to discover what physical ailments are associated with the different chakras so they may direct their healing accordingly. There is no formal training required for most healers, however, individual healing locations may have their own individual requirements for employment.

Healing and therapy centers might hire a chakra healer.
Healing and therapy centers might hire a chakra healer.

Chakras are the seven energy centers that are believed to exist throughout the body. Each one is typically associated with an endocrine gland, tying them to the physical body and the nervous system. They are common throughout various forms of the Hindu belief system, and have slightly different interpretations based on the specific belief system defining them. Each chakra may have one or more energy channel running through it that is also circulated throughout the body. The chakra itself serves as a pump or valve which regulates the flow of this energy, and is activated by the thoughts and decisions of the individual.

Chakra healing may involve many different alternative medicines and methods.
Chakra healing may involve many different alternative medicines and methods.

Illness, according to this belief system, occurs when tension and stress are experienced in the consciousness of an individual. The sufferer will, over time, manifest that stress in physical form. Healers seek to locate the source of this stress and help the sufferer confront and resolve these issues. They may use chakra healing charts and anatomical diagrams to complete this process.

No formal training or certification process is required to become a chakra healer. This practice is considered by some to be an art form and as such is not regulated by any national or international governing body. Those interested in learning this technique may attend seminars, workshops, and visit healing centers to work with practicing masters currently working in the field.

Classes which teach interested parties how to become a chakra healer often include an awakening process. This time of personal self discovery allows the participants to tune in to their own chakra energy centers. They are also provided with information on the origins of the healing process and how each chakra center works in conjunction with one another and with the physical body. The different levels of chakra healing may be taught separately, allowing students to focus on one energy level at a time. Students are often encouraged to become attuned to each energy level discussed in class and initiate healing in their own lives as well.

Some healing centers and institutions of alternative medicine offer certifications or accreditations upon completion of a set program of study. These certificates of achievement can help students become a chakra healer in larger organizations, such as at healing and therapy centers. They are not necessary, however, for an individual to open up his own private business in which healing and attunement sessions may be offered. Individuals who plan to seek employment at specific business establishments may wish to inquire what the requirements are for that particular location before signing up for any chakra healing classes. This will help students guarantee that their time and money are invested in acceptable forms of study.

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