How Do I Become a Bridge Inspector?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch
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The job of bridge inspector carries a great deal of responsibility, as it involves checking the safety of bridges traveled by thousands of motorists. To become a bridge inspector, you must have a degree in engineering and spend several years as a technician’s assistant. Take extra courses relating to use of computers and scuba diving. You should be prepared to travel often and have strong organizational abilities. Attention to detail is also necessary because faulty bridge inspections can have severe consequences.

Anyone looking to become a bridge inspector must be aware of the importance of the job. Inspectors are responsible for ensuring that the bridges driven on by thousands of vehicles per day are structurally safe. Failure to discover or report faults in a bridge could result in serious accidents.

To become a bridge inspector, you should spend a number of years as an apprentice to a bridge inspector technician after obtaining a bachelor's degree in engineering. This is important because the most expedient way to become a bridge inspector is to become a bridge inspector technician. This will open the door to bridge inspector opportunities.

A variety of other qualifications are required to become a bridge inspector. For example, it may be necessary to inspect parts of a bridge that are underwater. This requires training in the use of scuba diving equipment. Although most organizations offer courses of this nature after employment, candidates that display proficiency in the area prior to application may be preferred.

An individual looking to become a bridge inspector must be prepared to travel frequently, as the job may require performing inspections in a variety of different regions. A bridge inspector may spend large periods of time away from home. Although the majority of inspections take place during the day, there will be occasions when work can only be done early in the morning. A bridge inspector is also expected to perform his or her duties in inclement weather conditions if necessary.

To become a bridge inspector, you must have exceptional organizational skills and be detail-oriented. Be prepared to take various computer courses, as the job requires the information discovered during an inspection to be processed on a computer. Reports must be highly accurate, as inaccurate information can cost not only money but lives. A bridge inspector must also work well with others because inspections are normally undertaken by teams of two or three. These teams usually consist of an inspector and at least one technician.

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