How Do I Become a BPO Operations Manager?

D. Nelson

A business process outsourcing (BPO) operations manager is usually responsible for all of the processes that take place in a facility or department. To become a BPO operations manager, you should first have some idea about the BPO field in which you would like to work. For example, if you are interested in providing and overseeing information technology (IT) services, you should study for degrees in a field such as computer science. Regardless of the industry that interests you, you can also benefit from business management training.

A BPO operations manager ensures that all processes run smoothly and meet standards.
A BPO operations manager ensures that all processes run smoothly and meet standards.

BPO companies are services that businesses can contract to perform processes such as human resources tasks, IT system development, and research and analysis. Contracting BPO companies is beneficial for business executives since it allows them to avoid paying for full time, in-house departments. Many BPO companies also are able to quickly assemble teams of professionals for time sensitive projects.

To become a BPO operations manager, you should begin by getting as much experience as possible in the industry of your choice. For many people, this can mean taking internships while still in school. If you are interested in working in BPO data analysis, for example, you might want to take an internship as an analyst's assistant. This position can give you a good introduction to software that is used in this field, as well as to how an established analyst operates from day to day.

In order to become a BPO operations manager, you need to have years of experience, often encompassing various departments of an organization. An operations manager can be responsible for the performances of all facets of a BPO business, so you should be at least familiar with all of the processes that help a BPO company to function. You might want to take your earliest positions, however, in areas in which you are trained.

As you gain more experience and prove your proficiency to your employers, it is important that you inform your supervisors or managers that you are interested in rising to a management position. Many companies appreciate employees who have the drive to move into positions that require greater degrees of responsibility. With each new experience and skill you learn, you should update your resume.

When you feel that you are ready to become a BPO operations manager, you should distribute your resume to potential employers. Make sure to draw attention to relevant skills and experience you have had by listing them at the top. In many cases, you also may be required to hand in a cover letter to explain your interest in a position and describe why you are the right person for a job.

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