How do I Become a Bank Cashier?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A bank cashier or bank teller is a customer service representative for a bank who handles the first point of contact with customers, and is sometimes the only bank employee with whom customers interact. The job requirements to become a bank cashier are not very rigorous, but like other customer service jobs, the work can be very demanding. People who are interested in working as bank cashiers should ask themselves whether they are willing to work long shifts on their feet and whether they are able to provide excellent customer service, even to people who may behave rudely or inappropriately.

A bank cashier must be able to do basic math and count money quickly.
A bank cashier must be able to do basic math and count money quickly.

Training to become a bank cashier is usually provided on the job. Cashiers may start in the back of the bank to get familiar with procedures and comfortable with handling money before they are assigned to the front counter, where they work under the supervision of senior cashiers until they are confident enough to work on their own. Once someone has become a bank cashier, he or she can pursue career advancement options such as a position as senior cashier or cashier manager.

A bank's cashier, or teller, is usually the first person a patron sees upon entry to the bank.
A bank's cashier, or teller, is usually the first person a patron sees upon entry to the bank.

At a minimum, most banks require their cashiers to have high school diplomas. Customer service experience also helps, especially if a bank cashier comes with excellent references which include familiarity with handling money, dealing with cash registers, and operating computers. Someone who intends to become a bank cashier on the way to a more senior position may want to consider taking some college classes in finance or administration, or pursuing a bachelor's degree.

Knowledge of a foreign language can be very helpful for someone who wants to become a bank cashier in an area where there is a large immigrant population. In San Francisco, for example, a bank cashier who speaks Chinese or Spanish will be more valuable to the bank. Bank cashiers also need to adhere to a high ethical standard, as they are handling large amounts of money along with sensitive information.

In some nations, certification options are available to career bank cashiers. To qualify to take such an exam and become a certified bank cashier, someone usually needs to have some on the job experience in a bank, and may need a recommendation from a bank staffer. Certification can make a cashier more employable, and potentially improve his or her salary. Someone who intends to become a bank cashier with the goal of working in the finance industry for life should certainly consider the opportunities provided by certification.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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@Cupcake15 - I also wanted to add that bank tellers probably have to be trained on how to handle bank robberies. Although this is very uncommon it is still a risk especially when times are tough.

Just last September there was a series of bank robberies where I currently live and they actually robbed one bank twice in one month. Luckily it was not a branch that I frequented but it rattled me a little bit because this branch was about a mile from my children’s school.

I used to think that working as a teller would be an excellent part time job because they often offer higher starting wages for the tellers that work peak hours but after seeing this, I don’t feel this way anymore about being a teller or any cashier employment in general.


@Comfyshoes -I wanted to say that any cashier job whether it is at a bank or not requires a cordial personality because customers expect to be greeted in a friendly manner and want to speak with people that have a friendly demeanor.

They also have to know the bank policies really well because there may be times when they will not be able to cash a check for someone.


I think that being a bank teller is similar to a cashier job but instead you are usually cashing checks for people and handling their transactions between accounts.

Sometimes a bank teller will also have to tell the customers about the current promotions that they have on many of the banking products. For example, I went to the bank the other day and the bank teller was telling me about the promotional rates on the home equity lines.

That was the product that the whole branch was promoting because there were signs all over the bank about it. I also like when they use my name when they address me. It really feels like personalized service.

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