How do I Apply Individual Eyelashes?

Paul Woods

Applying individual eyelashes is a four-step process that begins with preparing the eyelid to receive the false lash. Second, the adhesive that will hold the lash in place is prepared and applied to the false lash. Third, the individual eyelashes are placed on the eyelid where needed. Finally, the natural and false lashes are made up for a uniform appearance.

Individual false eyelashes are used to fill in bare spots.
Individual false eyelashes are used to fill in bare spots.

Individual eyelashes typically are applied as needed to fill in barer spots in the natural lash, as opposed to a much fuller look with an eyelash band. Whether applying individual lashes or a band, the initial preparation is the same. First, clean the eyelid and lash to remove oils that can inhibit the grip of the adhesive. Apply foundational makeup and eyeliner, if desired, before applying false eyelashes.

Individual eyelashes, which are a delicate product, are most easily applied using tweezers.
Individual eyelashes, which are a delicate product, are most easily applied using tweezers.

After cleaning and applying desired makeup, prepare the adhesive substance of choice for use by placing a small amount on a flat, clean area of the available workspace. Consider spreading a small piece of foil or similar material on the workspace to receive the adhesive. Most individual eyelashes come with adhesive. Under no circumstance should any glue be used that is not specifically recommended in writing on the package by the manufacturer for eyelash adhesion.

Individual eyelashes are small and application by hand can be difficult. Typically, tweezers are used to choose a lash. Inspect the lash for defect and, if it is in good shape, with the knotted end of the lash facing downward, apply a very small amount of adhesive to it.

The individual eyelashes with adhesive should be applied beginning near the center of the eyelid. First, confirm that the false lash is curling in the same direction as the natural lashes. Work away from the nose, applying individual eyelashes only on about the outer two-thirds of the natural lash area. Apply individual eyelashes where needed to natural eyelashes instead of the skin of the eyelid.

Use no more individual eyelashes than are needed to complete the filled-in appearance of the natural eyelash. It does not make a difference which eye, right or left, is used to begin the process. After application, allow the adhesive to dry, then repeat the process on the alternate eye.

Following completing the process on both eyes, again allow a few minutes for drying and setting. After that, mascara can be applied to the newly thickened lash for a uniform appearance. Dispose of the unused adhesive and, if working directly on the makeup workspace, wipe off adhesive on the workspace as it will quickly harden and adhere to that surface.

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@heavanet- You are correct about the type of eyelashes you described and how difficult they are to apply. Several years ago, I spent some time helping friends apply stage makeup, and we tried to use these individual eyelashes many times. We finally gave up, and found a much better method.

If your goal is to fill in sparse eyelashes or to make small sections of you natural lashes appear fuller, what you really need is a full set of artificial eyelashes that you can trim to fit. When you buy a set, simply trim a section to glue into the area you want to fill out. Though you may only need a small amount of lashes, you will find that you will have a larger section on them for applying the adhesive than you do on individual eyelashes.


I have sparse eyelashes in spots, so I wanted to try to fill them in by using individual eyelashes. I bought a package of small, individual sections of artificial eyelashes that look perfect for what I need to correct my problem.

The problem is that every time I try to apply the lashes, I have a difficult time. They are awkward to handle, and the small area for the adhesive doesn't seem to be wide enough to allow enough of the adhesive to hold them in place. Am I doing something wrong? How can I make applying the lashes easier?

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