How Do Doctors Use Verapamil for Peyronie's?

B. Chisholm

When using verapamil for Peyronie’s, it is usually administered directly into the penis, by the doctor. In most countries worldwide this is an unregistered use of verapamil. A gel preparation of verapamil for Peyronie’s is also available in some countries, again unregistered with most regulatory authorities. Should verapamil be used for this condition, it should be done so under strict supervision of a doctor.

Peyronie's disease can cause pain during an erection.
Peyronie's disease can cause pain during an erection.

Peyronie’s Disease is not in fact, despite its name, a disease, but rather a clinical condition. It is not caused by any specific organism, nor is it transmissible from person to person. It may occur in men of any age but usually only presents in men over 40-years old.

Sometimes, a doctor will recommend no treatment be given for Peyronie's Disease.
Sometimes, a doctor will recommend no treatment be given for Peyronie's Disease.

The condition results in curvature of the penis, or a bent penis, usually only during an erection. The exact cause of the condition is not yet fully known although it is thought to possibly be related to a Vitamin E deficiency, the use of beta-blockers or raised serotonin levels. Other possible causes may be injury or trauma. The penis becomes bent due to the formation of a plaque within it, which may become calcified over time.

The symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease may include pain, especially during erections, the curving of the penis, decreased erectile function and often a plaque that can be felt by the examining doctor within the penis. Treatment choices are made by the doctor, who will take into consideration the patient’s medical history and the severity of the condition. In some cases, no treatment is given and the condition may resolve on its own.

There is no one treatment that has been established as the best treatment for the condition. When using verapamil for Peyronie’s Disease, the doctor will inject the drug many times directly into the plaque within the penis. An anesthetic will first be injected to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure, and it is vital that it is done under sterile conditions, to prevent infection.

A verapamil gel preparation, which is applied topically to the penis, is available in some countries. It should be noted that it is not registered for this use in most countries and should not be used without medical supervision. When using verapamil for Peyronie’s Disease, in whichever form, it should be remembered that it may be contraindicated in patients with some clinical conditions, it may interact with other medications and may have unwanted adverse side effects. These should all be discussed with the treating doctor before starting therapy.

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