How can I Make Bath Time Fun for Kids?

Nychole Price

Some children just don't like bath time. Boredom, fear of the water and the after-bath chill are many reasons children don't want to take a bath. Even older children will fight bath time. The key to getting children to bathe is to make bath time fun.

There are many ways to make tub time more enticing for kids.
There are many ways to make tub time more enticing for kids.

Children of all ages love toys. Bath toys can be especially exciting, as they include toys that can't be played with on dry land, such as boats, fish, mermaids and water wheels. Purchase an assortment of toys that can only be played with in water, to encourage the children to take a bath. Other toys that make bath time fun include foam bath letters, foam cars and roadways, and foam numbers. These types of toys adhere to the shower walls with water.

Bath paint is made from soap and can be a way to make bath time fun.
Bath paint is made from soap and can be a way to make bath time fun.

Bath crayons and paints are a big hit with children of all ages as well. They are made from soap and can be used to color on the bathtub, shower walls, shower curtain, and even the body itself. The best part about bath crayons and paints is they can be used to clean the kids and rinse off completely, without leaving any residue behind. They make for very messy bath time fun that can be easily cleaned up.

Bath books are fun for kids that like to read or be read to. They are thick and covered in plastic, making them float on the water. Infants and toddlers love them because they are soft and can be chewed on without breaking. They are a hit with preschool age children due to the brightly colored pictures and big words. Bath books accumulate mildew, so they must be cleaned with a bleach-water solution regularly.

Bubbles have been a big hit with kids for as long as they have been in existence. Children love to put them put them on their head like a hat, on their face like a beard, or all over their body like a snowman. Pile the bubbles high to make bath time fun for everyone. Bubbles can irritate the skin of sensitive children so they must be used with caution.

Singing helps make bath time fun for preschool age children. Songs such "Baby Beluga" and "Splish Splash" have words that are easy for young kids to remember. Parents that don't know any bath time songs can make some up. Children don't know traditional songs from any other and will just enjoy singing in the tub.

If bath time is still difficult for a child, try joining them in the tub. Some kids are just plain scared and may feel more at ease if the parent takes a bath with them. Parents that feel uncomfortable being nude around their children can wear a bathing suit. The goal is to make bath time fun so it doesn't become a losing battle.

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