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How can I Help my Hyperactive Child?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Parenting can be challenging, whether or not you have a hyperactive child. All kids can cause you to want to tear your hair out at times, or make a quick break for Tahiti. It is especially difficult when you have a child whose activity level is very high and who might be labeled hyperactive. The suggestions for helping your child may work equally well with children in general, since they may help to promote a sense of calm in your household.

One of the most important aspects of helping your hyperactive child is to provide structure in your household routines. It can help a child to know that he or she must always brush their teeth after breakfast, that bedtime remains relatively static, that most of the time dinner takes place at a specific hour, and that there are particular outcomes for certain disagreeable behaviors. Routine helps provide the hyperactive child with a game plan for how life will occur.

Avoiding overstimulation, such as television watching, can help hyperactive children.
Avoiding overstimulation, such as television watching, can help hyperactive children.

Consistency in parenting is as equally important as routine. Kids do need to know that bad behavior like hitting, biting, destroying property or talking back will result in the same consequences. Make consequences realistic for the child. A five-year-old hyperactive child who hits should not be sent to his/her room for an hour. Attention span won’t last that long and it’s not appropriate to a child of this age. Rather, consider a minute time out per age. A five year old would get five minutes of time out, and you might consider even less for hyperactive children. Always keep consistent in how you respond to disagreeable behaviors, and keep in mind that a child may not be able to help certain behaviors.

Offer yogurt rather than sugary treats to a hyperactive child.
Offer yogurt rather than sugary treats to a hyperactive child.

As a parent, nothing can fuel hyperactive children more than your anger. Angry responses on your part like screaming or hitting will tend to increase negative behavior in your hyperactive child. If you feel angry all the time, help your child by helping yourself with therapy. Your emotional stability can positively affect your child.

You can also do things with a child to help them learn self-calming behaviors. DVDs or tapes that offer exercises for kids like yoga and tai chi can have an extraordinary effect on the hyperactive child. It’s true they may not get it at once, and it can take some time to show positive benefits. Some kids may not even make it through a whole tape at first. Yet if you consistently do these tapes with your child, you’ll help them learn focus and meditation techniques in the long run.

A young child might start imposing his own "quiet time" so he can do some coloring.
A young child might start imposing his own "quiet time" so he can do some coloring.

Hyperactive means overactive, and there cannot be enough stress placed on the need to provide hyperactive children with lots of exercise opportunities. Especially when you see a child getting overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to take exercise breaks. Do jumping jacks with your child for a few minutes, take a quick walk around the block, or race to the mailbox and back. Give your child plenty of times during the day for unstructured exercise times.

Hyperactive children should have lots of exercise.
Hyperactive children should have lots of exercise.

Also, provide a quiet time space. When a kid literately can’t stay still, convert a small closet or part of a child’s room into a space with a few books, quiet toys, and perhaps some papers for coloring with pens or crayons. Kids can learn to self-limit and impose “quiet time” on themselves. When they need to take a break they can, with special activities only available in the quiet time area.

Some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are prescribed stimulant medications.
Some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are prescribed stimulant medications.

Bedtime can prove especially challenging for the hyperactive child. It can help to have soothing routines available at night. A warm bath each night can prove relaxing. Avoid excess stimuli, like television or video games for at least an hour prior to beginning a bedtime routine.

Lastly, give some thought to your child’s diet. Protein rich foods tend to serve the hyperactive child well. Try to avoid simple carbohydrates, like white flour, which convert to sugars in the body. Your child typically does not need this kind of quick energy boost. Instead offer snacks of foods like peanut butter on whole grain toast, slices of lean meat, and dairy products (no sugar added) like yogurt. These foods have been shown to help reduce hyper behavior and can be your allies.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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My son is going on 2 and shows all and even more what all these parents are telling about their kids. I cannot handle my son at all. I am at my wits' end, and I hate to admit it, but he's to the point where I am going to end up killing him because of his behavior.

I am usually calm and soothing with him, but as soon as something clicks or he can't have something, it's an all out four hour war of me and him yelling and screaming, him hurting me and me trying to hold him down, telling him to stop.


My brother is seven years old and he is like a wild animal. He is hyper. He needs to stop. He needs to take some kind of medicine to make him stop being bad and jumping off walls. I am getting tired of him. He needs to go to a doctor.


My son is five years old. He doesn't listen to what I say. He can't stand in one place for five minutes. He hits everybody, including me and his father. We live alone and there is nobody to guide us. How can I make my son behave? I have only one boy. I think he is lonely and needs a friend. Should I have another baby? and he is not talking. What should I do? Can someone help us?


Our problem is the 4 year old son of our friends. He is so hyper and won't stop hurting my 6 year old daughter. We are trying to be adults with him. I don't say anything, but try to keep my daughter away from him, but sometimes he just follows her and when I'm not looking, he is kicking her and pushing her.

Just yesterday he pushed her into the aluminum door and hurt her. My daughter has shunts in the head (she has the shunt because she has non-commulative hydrocephalus) and we had to rush her to the hospital cause she is bleeding. We have lived with them for a few months and are planning to move out soon, thank God!


My son is eight years old. He is hyper. He goes to a special school, but at home, he runs and walks all the time. He can't sit for five minutes to eat. He makes an "amm ammmmm" sound all the time. I am very tired. What should I do?


Thanks for your post. It's written in such an unpatronising way, unlike many help pages for parents. My son is three and is constantly moving, no matter how much energy he offloads during the day and how healthy he eats.

I find what helps the whole situation is when I'm approaching his behavior in a more relaxed manner. However, that is not always possible when we've been in each other's pockets for a week with continuous button pushing. Plus, he can be quite aggressive and his outbursts can seriously stress the entire family. I read a quote earlier today via the "Thought For Today" blog, which I must continue to remember and which may also help others:

"When things heat up, stay cool not cold. Lose your temper and you lose your cool. Freeze up emotionally and you may come across as cold and distant. Instead, keep your head up and keep your heart strong. Then you're likely to stay calm and clear headed."

Many thanks again for your article.


Some of you could possibly benefit from Early Childhood Intervention (if your child is under 3) or contacting a developmental pediatrician. There are lots of resources out there for children with special needs (ADHD is considered a special need).

Concentrating on video games or TV does not indicate that your child doesn't have ADHD. Most children who have it watch far too much television and can usually stay focused! Limiting the amount of time they watch TV is the best thing you can do for your child. One other thing to note is that if left untreated and if it's severe enough, ADHD can turn into ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) which is a much bigger and challenging can of worms.

Get your children help! Don't think teachers are out to get them or target them; most of the time, they have your child's best interests in mind. Also imagine your highly impulsive child in a classroom with 21 other children and how hard it might be for them to succeed. Children with ADHD receive many accommodations in school to help them that they otherwise wouldn't have. Think about how difficult standardized test-taking is for them! Good luck to you all.


It's so good to read all of these posts and understand what all of you mean. I love my son so much and we don't yell. We have a chart at home for positive behavior and a prize box for really good days. He has had nothing but problems in school with his current teacher.

While he may require a lot of redirection, I feel like he is a completely different child at school. He is still my son and I love him to death. I am concerned these teachers want him to sit still be quiet and turn into a zombie.

Part of this is his personality. Let's not drug him because of that! I would personally love lots of energy.


I have to babysit one of my mom's friend's children He is 8 years old and they say he's hyperactive. I can deal with a hyperactive 4 year old or younger, but I don't know about this boy. I don't know what he eats or what to do, so what should I do?


My son is five years old. He doesn't listen to what I say. He can't stand in one place for five minutes. He hits everybody, including me and his father. We live alone and there is nobody to guide us. How can I make my son behave? I have only one boy. I think he is lonely and needs a friend. Should I have another baby?


My child often got tantrums during school time. Even his teachers don't understand what is going on. Many times his teacher is scolding him.


I am a 24 year old mom with a 6 year old boy. My son doesn't stay still, doesn't listen, doesn't pay attention. He is everywhere at once. I tell him to relax and take it slow, and he tries, but five minutes after, he is doing the same thing. I don't know what to do with him anymore. He is too hyperactive.


My son is nine years old. He has problems concentrating on anything, except playstation. He loses his stuff and house stuff all the time and continuously costs me money. He totally zones out when I shout at him and becomes unresponsive.

He shows no interest in schoolwork, until he is pushed/forced to do so. He is a very understanding boy when I sit him down and explain the error of his ways. But just a little while later, he is doing things again that he shouldn't be doing. I am finding it very difficult trying to get though to him.

I don't want to punish/ground/shout at him all the time as this really upsets me. Please help.


My three year old bounces off walls and chairs. He even climbs the kitchen counters and jumps off them and lands on his feet. It's even worse at bedtime. He sleeps for maybe an hour or two. Then he's back to jumping off walls and jumping on me while I'm in bed, then running from room to room turning on all the lights. Then he's up at 8 a.m. then takes a nap and back at it again.

He always slides with his back to the floor, and I tell him to stop or he will get a head burn. His anger is horrible when it comes to dealing with other children and his siblings. He will fight until he gets tired. When I take him out, he is even worse. He takes off running in walmart and he lies on his back and slides his head on the floor. His doctor won't do anything. What should I do? --Ahkeema


I have a 9 year old son who is so hyperactive. He likes to learn in class but he says he is not able to concentrate. He keeps on thinking about something else, but he concentrates so much when he watches TV. And he never likes to have food. Whenever food is given to him, he takes an hour to eat it and we have to keep on saying eat. He never bothers for anything. Please help.


I have a three year old daughter and she is hyperactive. She can't stay still and she mumbles when she talks. She has to be running around and she doesn't stop. When we go food shopping and she sees something she likes and I tell her no she can't have that, she throws herself to the floor and cries all day. She won't stop until we get home. Anywhere we go, she cries she talks back to me and her brothers. She just can't stay still. I need help, someone. Help!


I have a 2.5 year old son. He is hyperactive. He always hits everybody in his friend circle, in the family, relatives, etc. He never does any activity for more than one minute. He doesn't have patience for anything.

please help me.


I have a seven year old girl and she is also very hyper, yet very intelligent. If she does not concentrate on one thing, she becomes too aggressive and breaks everything that comes in between. I have always tried to calm her, but she is always demanding each and everything until it is done. I don't know what to do. Please solve my problem.


My son is six years old. He has been diagnosed as ADHD with pdd and he goes to a special school, but until now he doesn't write on his own. All the time I have to hold his hands while writing. He is also not interested in coloring.The only thing in which he is interested is reading books with colored pictures.

These days, I have noticed a change in him. He bites very badly if someone doesn't listen to him. What can I do. I am really worried about his future.


i am the 15 year old sister of a 9 year old little boy. He is the type who is NEVER quiet, always has to be moving even if he has to fidget or bang on things, and has become quite selfish, agumentitive, and cannot focus on anything which makes school hard for him. He always craves attention even if that includes lying, which he does quite a bit. Anyway, as i was reading this, i saw the comment about rutine and anger towards him. Well, rutine is just not possible because my parents are stuck in there own ways of pure kayos; and patience? that is a quality we all lack. I am definitely all for appropriate punishments though but once i try to carry out in that particular punishment, such a taking a specific toy away for an amount of time, or telling my brother to sit in timeout for 10 minutes or so, my mom always tells me just let him do whatever because i don't want to hear it. Its very frustrating because eventually i lose my temper and control and end up hurting the kid. Very Frustrating!!


maybe you can try one of these 'meditation machines'. came across them by accident the other day, looking for something for myself. They do one for ADHD.


@anon202738: I wish you and your son the very best of luck with this! There are many teachers in my family and they've all had to deal with ADD/ADHD children in their classrooms, so this episode really, really stuck with me. I've told my teacher cousins about it, and they all said this made as much sense as anything to explain the huge upsurge in ADD cases. You might even be able to get the show transcript from CBS. I believe it was when Dan Rather was still hosting the show, so it's been a good long while.

I'm really glad my post may have been helpful to you. I do hope this procedure gives you both a lot of happy days ahead. Good luck!!


Thank you Amy, for the post about adenoid and tonsil removal. My little boy who is 5 has been uncontrollable for years - exactly like all the other hyper kids on here! He has also had a bad cough and runny nose etc. Finally I have been advised to have these procedures. Lord I hope it works!


My son just turned five. His favorite thing in life is torturing his two year old sister. We have done everything under the sun to try and get him to calm down.

He is teaching his sister nasty habits of screaming and yelling, hitting, biting, throwing or spilling things, the list goes on and on. A "terrible-two" kid is hard enough! I can hardly function with one hyper child let alone him training his younger sister to be the same way. He just graduated kindergarten with little improvement throughout the year.

His teachers cannot get him to speak a word in class, as he is shy. But once he is around any family member he has known since birth he is a disaster. His grandparents are extremly old fashioned and strict, even if left with them for a while there is no change there then how he acts at home. He hardly eats, as he does not have the attention span to sit at the table for more then a minute and he never seems to sleep!

He never crashes, never slows down, will not do anything required to sit still. All the sports, activities, healthy foods, warm baths, bed-time books in the world will not calm this kid down! I've gone so far as putting lavender air fresheners in every room as lavender is supposed to be calming! Praise or punishment means nothing to this kid, or his sister.

I'm so stressed i can hardly eat or sleep myself. My husband refuses to allow my son to be put on any kind of drugs, there has to be another way!


Please do not blame your kids. It's parents who are to be blamed. Kids watch things which they should not, like parents fighting, no yoga in house, no exercise, violent movies. Please save the children. Parents should first become the most happy person in this world and kids will never be hyper.


My daughter is 4 1/2. I noticed signs of hyperactivity as young as six months. She's been kicked out of story time at the library, kicked out of preschool, and nobody will babysit her. My friends will not come over to visit with me because of her.

I developed high blood pressure in the past two years. I've considered putting her in foster care before I have a stroke!


I have a nearly four year old boy, who like most of these posts has all these behaviors. Very intelligent, sweet, well mannered, then suddenly all the opposite nasty, mean, rudely spoken, extreme anxiety, selfish -- all the things you try not to have your child portray.

I also have a 2 and 1/2 old girl, who is different all again, and a six month old girl who, well, who knows?

Most people I talk to do not see this side of my boy. It seems to be at home, but I cannot understand why, as there is a loving environment, hardly any arguing, no financial problems. His diet is very nutritious. They have no idea what mcdonalds is. etc.

All I can put it down to is the first two siblings are 16 months apart and the moment my girl was born the boy could not emotionally handle it and it has been an extreme roller coaster ride ever since.

I have tried all the recommendations from new and old parenting and have come to the conclusion that this is my boy's character. I have no right to control but I must monitor and always provide the best solutions, even to the most frustrating and disappointing situations. The thing I find the helps me the most is the recognition and praise others say to me to get me through all this, and maybe that is what my little boy needs and after.

It is always talked about having routine, though I wonder because I think my boy has too much routine and if something does not go to plan as he expects then there is no consoling by anyone other than mum.

My doctor noticed the change in my boy when the second child was born and she has said you can take him to see a psychologist, though he has to learn to accept and understand social circumstances. His kindergarten teachers say he is very smart and does not play with others (prefers to have conversations with the teachers) though is very mindful of what others are doing and feels he has to watch over and control other kids which he always does to his siblings.

I worry if he is going to be able to befriend a lot of children in school, though maybe he can feel this from me. I know that it is reassuring that maybe it is the norm for kids to behave their way and let them grow without all of our anxieties and to stop criticizing and judging our children against others and just to measuring their capabilities for who they are. There is a light and the end of the tunnel, Have a great journey mums.


Hyperactive kids usually have too much extra energy.

I did some searches about helping a hyper child to calm down naturally.

Hyper kids usually have lots of energy. Why not just release his/her energy and then do relaxing exercises? That may help kids calm down and go to sleep easily.


I thought I was the only one going through this stuff. My son will be three next month and he is very hyperactive. He likes to scream, run off, throw things, drop things, and pour liquids out of their containers. He doesn't listen to me when I tell him no and at time-out I have to hold him in his chair so he won't get up.

This is beyond terrible twos. Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of him for a week. Is this behavior because his dad isn't in the picture much or something else? Please help me as I am losing my mind and don't know what to do.


i have a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl. my son is really hyper and has been like this since he was 2 1/2. He just can't sit at peace unless he's engrossed in a film or something. when he's playing with his little sister all you hear is her crying and screaming because he is constantly pestering her.

he can't seem to play nice, he's always screaming, he's very huffy, moans 24/7, he has to be center of attention and still very jealous of his sister. At nursery we've already held him back a year to see if it made a difference but he's still hyper and doesn't listen enough to teachers. the teacher will always pull me up and say he's been as high as a kite today or along those lines, and he doesn't sit and listen at story time either.

i don't know what to do with him, especially now that he's going to school in august.

the thing is he's very clever but just lies a lot of the time. I'm afraid he will get kicked out of school. Help. What do i do?


To - anon93741: Have that child's thyroid tested.


It's been a big relief, yet saddening for me to read through these posts and find my child fitting into the hyperactive category. My child talks so much and runs, never sits still, complains of unrest in her leg (by the way she is four and has been hyper since she turned 1 1/2).

Her father always told me that she is living her age and I believed him. When he went away for two weeks I had to keep her with me 24/7 and I went through torture. To make a long story short, she climbs my back, holds my neck until I choke, and no matter how much i tell her to stop, she does not hear me. Even when I talk to her, she answers me with something that does not relate to our conversation, never paying attention.

Her progress in kindergarten is great and she is a very intelligent girl. She keeps distracting my talk with my friends, shouts, cuts me and start talking for herself and fights with their children.

I lost the plot on many occasions and I reached the stage when I started to think that I can leave her behind and get a divorce from her dad (because he never seems to help me in her upbringing).

I reached a stage to be afraid to have more children like her, although I love her so much, the anxiety I am going through with her became like going through domestic violence.

Like one of the posts, many friends gave me comments on my child, that she is wild like an animal, like she needs discipline and so on. I lose my patience many times at her, and it scares me and scares her that our life became so aggressive. The only thing I want to do now is to exhaust all the natural means to treat hyperactivity, like cutting sugar and changing life and eating habits for me and her, if after a month this does not work, I will call for medical attention.

It is too sad that I have wasted the most precious years of my and her life through frustration.


I work with elementary kids. Whenever we have a problem with kids at school, hyper this or can't focus that, the first thing we do is have the parents stop all food coloring, especially Red. No. 3 and Red No. 40. No red anything, no artificial colors, period, and have the parents stop all refined sugars and corn syrups. In 95 percent-plus of the cases, the kids settle down in about a month. Try refining your child’s diet for a month before you place them on a drug.


Help! I don't know how to handle my friend's kids. they are hyper and every time them come to my house, they ruin something. My friend does not really say much to them and they don't listen to me when I finally do say something.


I am sorry to say this, but I am so happy that I am not the only one. I have a four year old. He was expelled from daycare at three years old. At three and a half I sent him to a smaller school with the same teacher I had when I was young. He was doing so well and improved tremendously, he stopped hitting and name calling. Unfortunately, his teacher had a stroke and had to be replaced.

His new teacher has no idea what to do with him and he has began to hit and name call again. Now we have to take him out of school because I fear him being expelled all over again. I have spoken to family, friends and the pediatrician. They all say he just needs more discipline and structure.

We have created a list of rules that he was able to help with by decorating and suggesting what rules are pertinent to him. We also have a rewards board now. He has a goal for each week (Mon-Fri) at the end of the week if he collects all five stars he gets a reward. At the end of the month if he gains twenty stars he gets to go somewhere of his choosing. This has only been in practice for a few weeks but it has been working well so far.

Also, look at educational websites for teachers. They have really good activities and ways to deal with behavior in the classroom that definitely cross over into the home. I love my son, he is amazing and intelligent and although he is stressful at times, I wouldn't trade him for the world! This is parenthood.


I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old, both boys. This week, I had finished my days crying by my sketchbook and drinking hot tea because these are the only things that keep me from getting crazy. I feel bad about myself not be able to enjoy fully my children. I feel I do not accept them as they are.

Derek, the youngest of the two, he seems he has ants in his pants. He climbs over me, jumps, tumbles and more. I am planning on getting him in gymnastics. He was playing soccer but it is not enough. My 7 year old, he is a constant whiner. He is not satisfied with anything. And there are the constant fights, screaming and hitting.

Like the article said, sometimes I want to escape out desperation and frustration. I think that as mothers and father we need to provide and environment where our kids can be kids and run around being kids.

For example, I leave in an apartment complex on the upper floor. This is not the best choice for a family with kids. You need a park nearby, a big back yard with a safe place your kids can get dirty and run and get tired. Sometimes I have the energy to take them every day to the park but not all days are the same. I need to enjoy the moment of the now appreciating them for whom they are.

They are going to be grown and I would feel terrible if realized I wasted my time feeling frustrated. Take deep breaths, moms and dads. At least we know they are alive and growing with no deadly disease.


I'm a mother of two boys, one 8 and one 5, and reading your posts made me smile. All of our children will be just fine. As long as we don't kill them in the process, they will be OK.

In fact, they might be the ones who are better than OK, so don't worry. Remember that this is your child's journey and he (or she) will get to where he or she needs to be in their own due time. We just need to remind ourselves of this, sit back and enjoy the ride.

I know it's frustrating. I remember my parents trying to get my eldest to learn to walk early, and I told them that if they did, I would put a leash on his butt, because I could already tell, at nine months, that once he got started, I wasn't going to be able to keep up with him.

It has been hard. I am tired. I am frustrated. But I also know that with all that energy that fuels his curiosity about the world he lives in and his desire to figure all this crap out, that I have to just take a deep breath, know that he will never get A's (because he won't sit still long enough to do the work), but appreciate that he understands far more than my little brain (and most every one else's) could ever comprehend.

These active kids take in way more than we did, they understand so much more than I ever did even at twice their age, and I know with absolute certainty, that if we allow them to just be, they will be fine. They will find their own way.

Your days will be long but your years will fly by. Know that others have been there, too. --Shanda


At least 10 years ago, I saw an episode of "48 Hours" on CBS. The issue at hand was a little boy's ADHD. The child was seven years old and his pediatrician had him on Ritalin, but it wasn't working very well. The child was only reading at a kindergarten level and had severe behavior problems in class and at home.

After talking to the child, the doctor thought he might get some answers from a sleep study.

Turns out, the child had enlarged tonsils and adenoids and was waking up about 50 times an hour. And as we all know, when kids are tired, they don't want to sleep--they get hyper instead. Taking out tonsils and adenoids as a routine surgery has fallen out of fashion the past 30 years, and it seems the cases of ADHD have skyrocketed since then.

Anyway, the child's pediatrician set him up to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out. Six weeks later, a second sleep study showed his sleep was normal.

In that six weeks, the boy had improved dramatically in behavior and academics. He was reading on a second-grade level and rarely was naughty in class anymore. His mother said it was like having a different child. He was off all medication, as well.

This is certainly not the answer to every case of hyperactivity, I realize, but it is certainly an avenue worth exploring. That child's progress was nothing short of incredible.


Wow I know how most of you feel. I have a five year old son who's very hyper and very naughty. He's been like this since he was two. I say it's like he never grew out the terrible twos. One minute he's the most loving boy and the next he is so mean. I'm at breaking point and so is my family. We just don't know what to do anymore. any advice?


As I'm reading some of these posts, i totally sympathize and feel the same way. i have a two in a half year. old who will be three in a month. he is very bad. i hate to use that term but he is so bad!

I call him a monkey because he always climbs on everything and me! he has way too much energy than i can handle and I'm only 23!

He is very aggressive when he doesn't get his way, he throws horrible long lasting tantrums, bites, screams at the top of his lungs, destroys anything in his way, but at the same time he is very smart, very sweet and loving and fun. I have tried to use time outs, sticker rewards, special treat (toys or park or candy), reasoning, taking away cartoon/movie privileges, and even spankings, and counting to three. Nothing works!

i have lost my mind more than a couple times to the point I've dropped him off at my husband's job and told him i just can't deal anymore, you do it!

Help me. Everyone i talk to just shrugs it off as terrible twos or he's just a kid. no one is hearing me when i tell them it's something deeper. I had ADHD growing up and other disorders and i just know for a fact it's something, but not even the doctors will help me. What are my options until he is old enough to be diagnosed and treated?


my daughter is seven years old. she never completes her class work and she is always slow in copying her text at school. please help me. how can i help her in doing well at school. The teachers told me that if she continues like this she will have problems later on. please help me.


Is 'giftedness' closely related to 'spiritedness,' as many of the parents also agree that their children are very clever.


To all parents: My son is also a hyperactive child. He is also hypersensitive, has high separation anxiety, is a high need child and what not.

At the same time, he is also very friendly with other adults and kids, very disciplined in preschool, highly intelligent, talks very intelligently and mature, helps everyone around and the teachers just love him so much.

My problem is his anxiety. He starts crying loudly at unexpected moments (as if someone had hit him with a bat or poked with a needle) just when I think he would be OK. How do I stop his cries?


I have a four year old son. He sometimes behaves very nicely and is good in studies but still I get complaints from the teacher that he is naughty, disturbs the whole class, hits others, and can't sit in one place. though he is friendly too.

When some guests come, he behaves very actively, making noises. His energy level is quite high, but once they leave, he calms himself.

I feel that I really don't want to shout at him but cannot help it in some circumstances.

Please give me tips to control his behavior.


I have a 2 1/2 year old boy who has been a difficult child since birth. He is the only one (out of three) who had horrible colic! He screamed all day long!

He is very active and rarely stops. I can't read books to him (he only sits still enough for the first page).

Bedtime is a nightmare! I've had to start locking him in his room at night because he would roam the house at night. I woke up one morning with all the knives from the block in the microwave. He will raid the pantry all hours of the night!

He is almost three and still fits into 12 month shorts! He eats like a horse, though! One odd thing that I do notice is that he is always drinking! He probably drinks 8-10 sippy cups a day (if not more)!

The problem I'm having right now is that he just started daycare (he has been at private sitters before). He has started yelling at his classmates and teachers. He also hits and kicks them. I'm scared he will get kicked out.

He is too young to "medicate" and I want him to have the opportunity to be a child, but I have no clue what to do! I'm really losing my patience!


I have a granddaughter, also hyperactive. She lived with her mom before until she was six years old. now when she turned seven she lives with me because her mom gave her up to me.

So my problem is how can i discipline her? She is always shouting, fighting back, saying bad words and hitting other kids. I'm going crazy. Please help me. What do i need to do?


I am a class teacher for 2nd grade and i have a hyperactive boy aged seven years in my class who keeps troubling others but he is very intelligent and he will finish his work on time. As per my observation, he will go wild if someone teases him or touches his things. But he is active all the time; his battery will never comes down. Any solutions to keep him on track?


I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. She is very hyper. She can't sit still, she doesn't go to sleep and she has an attitude when i tell her to do something. She starts throwing stuff, frowning and all that type of stuff, but most of all, she has a problem with obeying me and going to sleep. She goes to sleep around six o'clock in the morning and that's not cool. I'm pregnant now and i really need my rest but can't do it. I've got to stay up with her so i'm just asking is there something that i can do? please tell me. i'm willing to listen.


I have a three year old daughter. she doesn't want to sit in one place for more than 10 minutes. she doesn't sit and listen what we are telling but she knows everything. I want to know whether she is hyperactive and if yes please give me tips, and please confirm whether my child has a problem.


My son is five and half years he is in his third school because of our transfers. he is in grade one now. he jumps a lot, is very playful, excessively talks, loses things in school and cannot do the classwork fully. His teachers are complaining, which made me upset. is he a hyperactive child? kindly help me.


When I read some of the comments I laughed and cried at the same time because I am in the same predicament. My two year old daughter is so hyperactive and disrespectful that I don't know what to do.

Recently I have developed migraines because I not only have to deal with her hyperactivity, but I also have two older boys, seven and four and am a working mother. We have been politely kicked out of two churches because of her behavior and now I do not take her out any more because she makes a fool of me by making me chase her everywhere. One woman who saw her "performance" said that she looked like an animal that had been let out of the cage. It hurt me. I love my daughter and she can be very sweet and caring when she wants to be and she is also extremely intelligent.

However, I am tired and all my relatives have volunteered to take the boys during vacation, and they say that they don't have the capacity to take my daughter. All of my daughter's cousins do not want to play with her because she can be very selfish, combative and aggressive.

I didn't go to work today because of a terrible migraine, but I wish I had because being at home with her will give me a stroke. I am exhausted and frustrated.


My son is 10 years old and studying in fourth class. His main problem is that he is very hyperactive and has a destructive mind also. Like whenever i brought any new toy or anything for him, after playing with that toy or using that thing, he destroys it. Actually he wants to see what's inside the toy. He takes out the machinery and makes other toys with the same thing.

Study-wise he is very sharp minded. He knows everything, he knows the answer to each and every question but in exams he makes silly mistakes because he wants to finish the paper as early as possible. And he accepts the mistake also. Please tell me how to handle this situation.


i have a four year old grandson who was born at only seven months. he's late in everything, walking, talking. he wants to talk but cannot pronounce a proper word, he is very active and very naughty, he hits all the children around him, bite or scratch them.

What can i do to change him? i told his parents not to give sugary foods and drinks.


My son is 12 years old. When he's outside with others children is too quiet and timid. At school he not good in studies. He is not doing what the teacher will give to do at home. He always loses his things and is always forgetting. For example, you tell him anything, he will forget it in a second. Actually at home, his behavior is not OK. He has no respect for his mother, and is always biting his junior sister.

They tell him to do anything at home and he will say without fear, "no i will not do that" to his mother.

I tried to talk to him normally and give him advice, even punish him, but he does not change. he cannot sit and do his lessons or read his books.

He is not responsible. His junior sister who is five years old is more responsible than him. i don't know what to do so i think he's suffering from ADHD. He's not attentive at home and his classroom teacher always complains. tell me please what to do. thank you. I am writing you from Kazakhstan, Almaty.


I have a 5 year old boy. he is very hyperactive. he always talks and does something. he wants to see TV channels like pogo, CN, jetix, animal channel, etc.

He doesn't want to go school. What should i do?

-- r. kothuri


Hi to all the parents with hyperactive children! This site seems to have some good tips. I will be trying some on my youngest, who seems to be hyperactive.

My tip for bedtime is when reading a story, pause at regular intervals to ask a question- e.g. how many little pigs are there? It draws the child back to the story. I have done this for a few weeks now, and I have had one highly successful bedtime, when he lay and listened. That felt like such an achievement! Good luck to us all!


My child is five years old and he is hyperactive. He screams and hits everybody -- small and big people. In school he is not writing properly sometimes and cannot concentrate on one thing. He still does not speak properly and is not taking an interest in study.


I have a 16 months old boy. he's my first. I don't know much about children. By reading about this hyperactivity, I think my son is hyperactive. The problem is I'm trying to help him but I'm not sure if I'm doing enough. From the moment he wakes up he will be running around. The only time that he walks is when I'm holding him. He runs all day and never gets tired, climbs, falls and stands up quickly like he never did. And the bad part is that he really enjoys this energy because he's always happy. I really need advise on what to do because this falling and pretending it never happened really worries me.


I have 3 and 1/2 year old daughter. She doesn't like to sit at all, enjoys running around and if I try to talk with her she tends to start another topic without paying any heed to what am I saying. Are there any ways to make the child listen?


I have a five year old grandson who is wearing me out for sure. He started kindergarten last Friday and we already got a note from his new teacher, the coach and the music teacher -- all on his first day!

He is getting worse in his behavior, his Momma feels it is her fault he is so hyper. His teacher says to give it a couple of weeks in her class and then we will all sit down and talk about our next step. I keep him a lot, so any suggestions are good.


I have a 4 year old son. He sometimes behaves very nicely and is good in studies but still I get complaints from the teacher that he is naughty, disturbs the whole class, hits others, and can't sit in one place. though he is friendly too.

When some guests come, he behaves very actively making noises. His energy level is quite high, but once they leave he maintains himself calm.

I feel that I really don't want to shout at him but cannot help out in some circumstances.

Please give me tips to control his behavior.


i have a 10 year old son.He is good in his studies but still i get complaints from the teacher that he is naughty, disturbs the whole class, and can't sit in one place. no doubt he is very intelligent but because of his habit of completing the paper first and not rechecking he loses his marks. i don't know how to explain him and to make him more responsible, make him to sit and settle in one place..


My son is 9 years old.

The main problems with him

1. He is very active

2. Easily distracted and lacks attention in studies, but he is able to score good marks in his studies and there is little problem in studies.

He is able to write well and study well but he plays very roughly and rashly.

He screams and often irritates parents.

When our friends come home, he behaves very actively making noises. His energy level is quite high, but once they leave he maintains himself calm.

I love my son and I don't want anyone to comment about him.

Everyday or even every single moment, he is being blamed or shouted by his father and even he keeps irritating me.

I feel that I really don't want to shout at him but cannot help out in some circumstances. Frankly speaking he loves sweets so he consumes sugar daily in my absence.

So please give me tips, and please confirm whether my child has a problem.


last july my 2 year old son told us that he wanted to go to school, but later when his teacher was always late or absent, my son lost interest in going.

he is now 3 and 1/2 years old. he is so very hyper and cannot stay in one place even for 1 minute. he'll use plastic bags or anything he can find as toys. he enjoys playing with stuff we may say is garbage. we bought him a lot of toys and he only has them for a half day because he destroys them.

at the age of 3, he's very vocal to voice out and reason out. i really lose patience and sometimes if we spank him a little he just cries, but after a minute he still goes around the house.

what can we do for him?



I have a 5 year old daughter who is hyperactive. Right now I am not able to find out what her interests are and I am very much worried how she is going to be when she grows up.


My Problem is my son, whose age is 9 years old studying in 3rd standard he is not able to concentrate in studies basically he is not able to focus on one thing at a time he gets distracted very fast. He not able to read fluently & as problem in writing, but in other activities like playing and also interested to invent something with machine tools or electricity motors.


I have a 3 year old son He has been described by many as a bunny as he just can't stay still, he enjoys hoping in place running around and asking a lot of questions.

My problem is that i just don't know what to do to keep in from been so hyped up, he gets this way even without sweets, i can only get him to stay in one place when i read to him but most the time i'm too tired to read, and he always wants to play. When i take him places he is always running around and i have to chase him and honestly i just don't have the patience or temperament to deal with him, i'm trying but its real hard

How do i get him to become more settled and attentive. How do i get my son to be more obedient

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    • Avoiding overstimulation, such as television watching, can help hyperactive children.
      By: OlegDoroshin
      Avoiding overstimulation, such as television watching, can help hyperactive children.
    • Offer yogurt rather than sugary treats to a hyperactive child.
      By: creative soul
      Offer yogurt rather than sugary treats to a hyperactive child.
    • A young child might start imposing his own "quiet time" so he can do some coloring.
      By: chihana
      A young child might start imposing his own "quiet time" so he can do some coloring.
    • Hyperactive children should have lots of exercise.
      By: Rob hyrons
      Hyperactive children should have lots of exercise.
    • Some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are prescribed stimulant medications.
      By: DNF-Style
      Some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are prescribed stimulant medications.
    • Hyperactive kids may benefit from calming exercises like yoga.
      By: Ilike
      Hyperactive kids may benefit from calming exercises like yoga.