How can I Decorate with Sheets?

Sheri Cyprus

Anyone can decorate with sheets as very little, or even no sewing in some cases, is needed. If you don't cut the sheets you don't usually need to sew them as they are already hemmed. Iron-on tape can also be used in some cases such as for making curtains out of sheets. Many different projects for the home can be made with sheets including table cloths, curtains, duvet covers and accessories for children's rooms and even bathrooms.

Folded sheets.
Folded sheets.

A sheet can be folded and you can add elastic cording to make a gathered skirt for a pedestal bathroom sink. You can even decorate with sheets in the bathroom by making a shower curtain out of one. Just use an inexpensive plastic liner under it. A pillow case with a silk cord sewn into it for a drawstring can make a laundry bag for travel.

A sateen sheet.
A sateen sheet.

If you buy extra sheets that go with a children's themed room, you can make simple curtains for the room that still look great. Plus, it's usually much cheaper to make your own curtains from children's printed sheets rather than buying ready-made curtains that are sold with your child's comforter. If you can't buy extra sheets when you buy the comforter, you could use the flat sheet for curtains, if your child's window isn't too large, and then buy a solid color sheet elsewhere on sale to use with the printed fitted sheet on your child's bed.

If you have a sewing machine, you can decorate with sheets in any bedroom by stitching up three sides of two sheets placed together to form a duvet cover. You can use Velcro tape on one end so that a quilt can be inserted and re-closed. Then, you can also use coordinating sheets to make curtains. A really easy, no-sew way to decorate with sheets as curtains, if the sizing is right, is to simply drape two sheets over the ends of a curtain rod and then secure in place with a drapery cord or other tie-back.

Don't be afraid to decorate with sheets in the kitchen and other parts of the home if you find the right sheets to give the look you want. Sheets can make great no-sew table cloths and you can use two complementary colors — one on top of the other to give a table an interesting look. Sheets can also be used to make light and airy kitchen curtains.

Projects that can be made with sheets include accessories for children's rooms.
Projects that can be made with sheets include accessories for children's rooms.

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@KoiwiGal - In the same way, you might want to keep some sheets set aside for your kids in general. There are all kinds of uses for them.

You might want to drape one over the table in their room for them to do craft projects or art. You might want to position another under the table! If it is a colorful, patterned sheet, you won't have to worry about changing it every time they spill some paint, as they can be more forgiving than light, solid colors.

We also keep a few around for costumes. A sheet can become a sultan's turban or a ghost's shroud, or a Roman robe, or even a sack in a pinch. All you need is cheap sheet sets and your kids can have a ball.


Don't forget the classic sheet decoration for kids room. Kids love making forts out of sheets and you can help them to make a really good one.

Move some furniture together so that you can drape the sheets over it and secure it down the bottom.

Or use poles, wedged at an angle under a couple of chairs to make a framework for your sheets.

On the other hand, you might want to let your kids decorate your home with sheets themselves, as making the fort is half the fun.

My sisters and I would keep the fort up for weeks in the rumpus room, and hold tea parties in there. It's a good way of keeping the kids out of the way, but still having fun.

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