How can I Clear Clutter with Feng Shui?

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

Feng shui is a set of rules that follow about the placements and design of a space that aligns with Chinese philosophy. According to the general principles of these guidelines, life is influenced by the balance or imbalance of spiritual forces. By arranging furniture in accordance with feng shui philosophy, a person seeks to maximize positive spiritual forces in his or her living space. Clutter runs counter to positive energy; clearing clutter with feng shui principles can provide an organized, peaceful space instead of a crowded and distracting environment.

Getting rid of unworn clothing may help reduce clutter and promote feng shui.
Getting rid of unworn clothing may help reduce clutter and promote feng shui.

Whether or not a person believes in the spiritual principles of feng shui, a cluttered living space can nonetheless be problematic and frustrating. People interested in more traditional applications of feng shui have a lot of research ahead, as it is an extremely complex system that involves understanding of astrology and philosophy as well as interior design. Yet for those who simply desire a cleaner environment, clearing clutter with feng shui can provide organizational guidelines that may be of use.

In feng shui, rooms are divided according to compass points, each with a particular concept based on the orientation of the room. The southeast corner of a room, for example, is typically designated as the "wealth" corner. Dividing a room into sections can be a great way to reduce clutter with feng shui principles. In a bedroom, for example, designate specific sections for clothes, books, and furnishings. By giving each type of item its own space, clutter can be reduced.

Clearing clutter with feng shui also means identifying sources of clutter in a house or living space. Some experts recommend donating or throwing any item that hasn't been used within a year, such as old clothes, never used kitchen appliances, or out of date electronics. Removing all of these objects not only gives a person a chance to donate to worthy charities in need, it considerably lessens the space crunch in a home. The less clutter present, the more options for moving necessary objects around and clarifying the space.

The majority of feng shui principles involve behaving in a manner that is logical and organized, to reduce both mental and physical clutter. Simple ideas, such as sorting mail as it is opened, or dusting daily to prevent buildup are basic habits that can save considerable time and effort once mastered. Reducing clutter with feng shui is as much about how a space is treated as it is about what is kept or thrown away. There are many books that teach basic principles of feng shui philosophy and show how it can be incorporated into a lifestyle. Consider checking local bookstores or online for detailed guides.

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

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