How can I Choose the Best Mite Spray?

Erin J. Hill

Choosing the best mite spray isn’t complicated once you determine the type of mite you are dealing with. If you are having symptoms of a mite infestation, you should speak with a doctor to determine if that is the case. Once it is determined the type of mite you are dealing with, you should choose a spray that is designed for that species. Dogs and cats should be diagnosed by a vet and given a spray designed for their needs.

Cat with mange.
Cat with mange.

The most common type of mite to infect humans is the type which causes scabies. These are tiny parasitic creatures which attach to and invade human skin. They can cause severe itching and rashes to develop. Mite spray is not normally used for treatment, but may be used on furniture and other items to avoid reinfection. Disinfectant sprays can be used for this purpose.

Choosing the best mite spray isn’t complicated once you determine the type of mite.
Choosing the best mite spray isn’t complicated once you determine the type of mite.

There are mite spray varieties online and in some health food stores which contain enzymes and other natural ingredients to kill insects without the use of pesticides. These are generally non-toxic and are less likely to cause allergic reactions in humans. They are considered safer for use around children and pets who frequently put clothing or bedding in their mouths. You can order this type of mite spray online if not available in your area.

Although not common, you may have to use a mite spray for the treatment of mange in dogs or cats. This is a condition which causes severe itching in animals along with irritation of the skin and a loss of fur. It is caused by a mite similar to the ones which cause scabies, but they are a different species. Sprays are not normally used for the treatment of mange, but they may be used to treat dog bedding and other items if your dog is indoors. You should speak with your vet to determine the safest option for use around pets, although most disinfectant sprays are considered suitable.

Unlike lice, it is not necessarily important to treat items with mite spray after an infestation, since mites die very quickly. Wash all items in hot water and dry them for as long as safely possible.

Other mites which infect humans are rare, but they do occur. They can generally be killed using a pesticide spray. Be sure any spray you use is safe for use on humans. Natural sprays are also available for this purpose. Often, they combine herbs and other natural repellents so that they are safer to use on the skin, especially in children.

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