How can I Choose the Best Diesel Mechanic Schools?

Carol Francois

The best diesel mechanic schools are usually associated with a larger community or career college, specializing in mechanic training programs. Diesel mechanic is a specialty program in North America, where the vast majority of vehicles are gasoline fueled. Diesel is primarily the fuel used for large transport trucks, school buses, and a limited number of vehicles. In Europe and parts of Asia, diesel vehicles are the majority. It is important to note that training is this field is transportable and would be the same in any country.

Many diesel mechanic schools have a rang of short programs available during evenings and weekends.
Many diesel mechanic schools have a rang of short programs available during evenings and weekends.

There are two different types of programs available at most diesel mechanic schools: professional training and post-graduate certificate. Professional training programs are for people who are interested in becoming a diesel mechanic, but have not completed any formal mechanic training programs. This type of program is typically two to three years in length. Post-graduate certificate programs are for certified automobile mechanics who would like to expand their business to include diesel-powered vehicles.

Diesel mechanic schools are perfect for people who are good with their hands, enjoy solving problems, and don't mind getting dirty. Candidates who report the greatest satisfaction with diesel mechanic school programs are focused on a career in this field, and understand that physical work is required in this career. Diesel mechanics are forecast to experience increased growth in the next five to ten years, as companies delay purchasing new equipment and instead continue to repair older equipment.

Look for schools that have industry connections necessary to provide job placement opportunities. In the skilled trades, employers expect all candidates to have relevant work experience. There are standard mistakes that are made when learning to become a diesel mechanic. It is best if these mistakes are made during a training program.

The reputation of the school is very important when choosing the best diesel mechanic school. Talk with the local professional mechanics association to get a sense of the reputation of the school. Review the alumni and their achievements to determine if this school provides the type of training that you will need to be successful.

Many diesel mechanic schools have a range of post-graduate courses and short programs available during evenings and weekends. The purpose of these programs is to help certified mechanics keep their skills up to date and learn about new developments and techniques. The best schools will keep in contact with alumni, enriching the current student experience with guest lectures and seminars from graduates.

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@ceilingcat - That's a very practical idea. It's always good for businesses to offer a variety of different services.

I personally think one of the most important things to keep in mind when you choose a school is the school's reputation. I had a friend who went to a trade school in our area because it was the cheapest. However, when she graduated, she found out the school had a horrible reputation in the area. It was very hard for her to find a job when she told people where she got her certification from.


I think it would make a lot of sense for an auto mechanic to go to a post-graduate program and learn diesel mechanics. I feel like with the way the economy is, it's a good idea to make sure you have a competitive edge in the market.

I think that if a company had both diesel and regular vehicles for whatever reason, they'd probably be more likely to want to take their vehicles to the same place. I think this could really increase a mechanics business.


A good buddy of mine went through truck mechanic school about a decade ago and he says that he wishes he would have just gone to the cheapest school he could find. According to him most companies don't look at the prestige of the school you went to or the kinds of grades you got while you were there. They want mostly to see that you have been to school and that you have some experience.

This seems to be the case in a lot of industries. The amount of on the job experience you have counts for a lot more than your education. I don't know if all truck schools are interchangeable, but my buddy is a good mechanic and he says just get the degree from wherever its cheapest and quickest and then get yourself into a garage.


When you are choosing the best diesel mechanic school you should look into the kinds of equipment that you will have the opportunity to work on and with. Like most things, diesel trucks have gotten extremely complicated over the last couple of decades. The trucks themselves and the tools and equipment used to work on them have become extremely complex.

I know that some schools are run by good old boys who still rely mostly on socket wrenches. While they have a lot to offer, the industry is moving away from these kinds of mechanics. Anyone who really wants to make ago of it as a truck mechanic needs to learn on all the latest equipment.

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