How can an Employment Agency Help Me?

Carol Francois

An employment agency is a company dedicated to matching employers with vacant positions with potential employees. There are three different types of employment agencies: temporary help, long-term placement, and executive search firms. All three types of firms work to help people find new jobs and manage the job search process for the employer.

Employment agencies often search through classified ads for job opening that might suit their clients.
Employment agencies often search through classified ads for job opening that might suit their clients.

A temporary help employment agency is a specialized firm that manages short-term, temporary jobs. Potential employees register with the agency by completing a form listing their personal information, skills, and experience and work availability. The agency reviews the information and adds the person to a database.

An employment agency is a company dedicated to matching employers with vacant positions with potential employees.
An employment agency is a company dedicated to matching employers with vacant positions with potential employees.

As positions with a specific skill set become available, the candidate is contacted. These positions are all short-term, temporary positions. Some firms recommend that candidates come to the agency every morning to check for daily positions. These types of jobs tend to be general labor, but they often pay in cash for that days’ work.

A long-term employment agency is focuses on jobs that are between three months in two years in length. Candidates can apply to the agency, or for a specific posting. The placement firm interviews the candidate and usually asks them to complete skill tests.

The actual tests depend on the skill set of the candidate. Some examples are mechanical aptitude, typing speed and computer processing skills. The firm then matches the candidate with potential employers. Some firms have another interview process, while others allow the agency to make placement decisions for them.

An executive search firm is often called a headhunting firm. Their role is to review permanent, executive job requirements and contact potential employees from their roster of highly skilled candidates. These agencies usually specialize by industry and actively recruit people who are not currently looking for a position. They try to match them with the new positions, based on specific skill sets required.

All employment agencies are great resources for information on the latest employment trends, skill sets in demand and the qualifications required by employers for jobs in your field. Employment agencies used to be the option of last resort for job seekers, but that has been completely reversed. They are now the very first place to register when looking for a job. Large and small companies both rely on agencies to identify potential candidates for positions ranging from daily general labor to senior managers. An employment agency can help you find work for today and your next long term position.

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Both my husband and I have used employment recruitment agencies at different times. I have used them to find temporary administrative work from time to time. When I have found jobs this way, I have never interviewed specifically with the company, but the agency as done all of that for the company.

As far as my husband, he has been contacted by these agencies for the purpose of headhunting. He never knows when a headhunter is going to contact him regarding a possible position. Sometimes these can be tempting to look into, but so far, he has turned all of them down.

It is encouraging to know that other jobs are available for him if something were to happen where he is currently working.


When my son was laid off from his job, he used a construction employment agency to help him find work. Some of these jobs were very short-term, and he was paid cash on a daily basis.

While this wasn't as good as having a full time job, it sure helped pay the bills when they were really hurting. If he didn't have any work lined up to do, he would show up at the agency first thing in the morning.

This way if something came up he would have first chance at getting the work. He lives in a big city, so there was usually enough work available that helped him pay the bills. I think there is a definite advantage if you are close to an area where there is more potential for work.


I know many people use a job employment agency as a way to hopefully find full time, permanent employment. I use an employment agency because I like to work at different jobs as I never get bored this way.

I have been with one particular agency for several years, and have never had trouble staying as busy as I want to be. I usually like to accept assignments that range from 3 to 6 months.

Another great advantage of working for an agency like this, is you can always say "no" if you don't think you will like the job, or know you are going to need some time off.

The flexibility is one of the best things about this kind of set up. Since I have health insurance through my husband, this is something I don't have to worry about when looking for a job.


When I have been in a position where I was looking for a new job, I have often relied on an employment agency. They have access to many open positions that I would not be aware of otherwise.

I keep my information up to date with them, and have even taken advantage of some of their training programs to keep brushed up on my computer skills.

What I like about using employment agency services is the variety of places there are to work for. If I am looking for a permanent full-time job, it also gives me a chance to see what it would really be like to work for a particular company.

I know several people who have started their job search with an employment agency, and ended up taking a full time position with a company after working in a temporary position.

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