Does Living Alone Increase Depression?

Living alone is no guarantee of developing depression, but there is evidence that this type of living arrangement does increase the possibility of becoming depressed. According to a study conducted in Finland, there is an 80 percent chance that people in one-person households will be prescribed antidepressants at some time in their lives.

More facts about living alone:

  • The number of people living alone has increased in the United States and the United Kingdom. Studies indicate that, in 2010, about one-third of the people in each nation lived in one-person households.

  • Men and women who live alone have roughly the same chance of developing depression, although the underlying reasons for their living arrangements might be different.

  • People who live alone, are not physically active, have little to no social life and are not single by choice are at the greatest risk of becoming depressed. Factors such as inadequate housing and lack of social interaction in the workplace are also linked to the potential of developing depression.

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I live alone and I do take anti-depressants. I do yearn for affection, and I know that living alone also may cause me to have shorter life span. I'm trying to alleviate this situation. I do enjoy living alone, but once in a while company is good.


I truly believe this article. Some who live alone are like babies, who are never touched, smiled upon or held close after a type of trauma. The human need can break your heart. It is so important to embrace a friend, family member or neighbor who lives alone.

Your gesture of closeness could just be what they needed at that moment. Pride will not allow them to reveal their longing. So just treat them the way you would want to be treated. Go with your heartfelt instinct.

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