Are Cloned Horses Permitted in the Olympics?

Although cloned horses previously were banned from the Olympics, the Fédération Equestre Internationale decided in 2012 to permit cloned horses to compete at all levels of competition. There would be no clones competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics, however, because there were no contenders who met the requirement that Olympic horses must be at least nine years old. The world's first cloned horse, a female named Prometea, was born in 2003.

More about Olympic horse sports:

  • Equestrian sports have been included in the Summer Olympics since 1900. There are no sex divisions in the games, so male and female equestrians compete in the same events.

  • US horses participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics were flown to London in cargo jets. The horses were kept in specially designed stalls and accompanied by veterinarians and other caretakers.

  • Before 1952, only commissioned military officers could participate in Olympic equestrian competitions.

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